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None posted by: by Eric Satterwhite on Sun Mar 15 2009
Call It Ranting Or Venting, But You Can Listen To Me Talk About How The Website Came To Be

So this is it - Here is it. After...oh, i don't know, maybe 6 months of work everyday every free minute I had; and the website is here. It's not exactly "Done" Everyone is down my throat about just putting it up and not worrying about all of the little stuff - It's here.  Some one asked me how long it takes to do something like this. Well, after about 3 months into it I started keeping track of how many hours I spent on this - in the random chance that someone wants to throw a donation my way for all the work, I'd have a frame of reference. 

Programmers Don't Sleep...They wait...

So after keeping track for about 250 hours, I gave up on keeping track. I would have ideas at 1 O'clock in the morning and get up and hammer it out for a few hours and of course for go to set the time sheet. That was about 2 months ago that I gave up on that. Did I mention that this was 1 man job?

So what exactly is the deal? Why did it take so long? The primary reason is that this is a dynamic website, mostly code driven. I haven't really counted but I would say over 5,000 files of code to manage. No I'm not joking... I did pretty much everything from the ground up. Those fancy helmet graphics - Drew those by hand. That nice video player widget - Designed from the ground up & wrote the code for it. I could list everything, but we might be here for a while

I don't think I've slept more than 4 hours a night for the last 2 months. No, I'm not joking

Whith Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Trying to iron out all of the bugs and trying make a really kick ass website.It does a lot of cool things and I hope that I helps bring the team together a little be more. I think it's pretty easy to use, but then again, It's all I've done for 6 months, so I am pretty familiar with it.

Ya, It's A Website

With great power comes great responsibility. Like it or hate it that's How it goes. We've given every one on the team quite a bit of freedom with the website and we are just going to trust you with it. But on the same lines as Matty, all it is going to take is one person to mess it up for everyone. And being the guy that has spent every waking moment for the last 6 months building this thing, I would not like to see that happen. I might get angry. And you wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

So there it - Its a website that does some pretty cool stuff. I'll be going over how to work this puppy pretty soon

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  • Brad on: 18 Mar 2009
    Die Hard Fan
    i will admit mr. satterwhite you sure have done a good job with the new website. as a fan i am glad to see it is finally finished. now i can't wait for the season to start. hopefully this year i can come see more games than last year and if i do hopefully the team can win games that i attend this season.

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