Hitmen 42 :: Hurricanes 6

Muskego Calms The Storm in the Heart of Milwaukee

Muskego Walks into the eye of the storm

  • Tempers flare as the storm swells

    For the first time this season, the Muskego Hitmen would go into a Saturday night game with a mark in the loss column. Coming off their first loss of the season, Muskego would look to rebound against the Milwaukee Hurricanes at Hart Park. The Milwaukee Hurricanes, in their inaugural season, are no strangers to the Hitmen. The Hurricanes are coached by former Hitmen, Markell and Will Thompson. With their knowledge of the Hitmen, would this game prove to be a replica of last week performance at Madison? This game would start off eerily similar to the Madison game. The offense for the Hitmen, still struggling to get their timing down, would push through the penalties to score first on a Rob Evans touchdown run. 

    The Hurricanes would march down the field on their first possession, driving to within the 20 yard line. Fortunately, the Hitmen defense would bend and not break. They would give the ball to the offense after a turnover on downs. From there, the offense would slowly start to pick up and get in a rhythm. And while the first half of the game would drag, the Hitmen would go into the half with a 14-0 lead, their confidence slowly starting to rebuild. The second half of the game would be the story of two halves. Not for the hurricanes, but for the Hitmen. The Hitmen offense exploded in the second half. It seemed as though, no matter what the Hurricanes did on defense, the Hitmen had a punch and counter-punch to score seemingly at will. The Hitmen running backs would catch fire in the second half, leading to the tune of 181 yards. Rob Evans would lead the way, scrambling from the QB position with 2 TDs followed by Jojo Moore with 90 yards, including a long run that required stiff arming half of the Hurricanes defense. They would average an impressive 7.24 yards a run, proving to the rest of the league that the Hitmen will run early and often. With the running game performing so well, the offense would not pass as often.

    However, when the Hitmen did throw, they made the most of their aerial attack. Andrew Janatis would throw for 2 touchdowns, to add to Rob Evans 1. Justin Henrichs, Carmelo Velazquez, and Danny Saenz would all catch touchdowns for the Hitmen. The defense for the Hitmen would prove to be an immovable object for the entire game. Again and again, the defense for Muskego would batter, bruise, and smash the opposition into submission. On the unfortunate end this time, the Hurricanes would only muster 99 yards of offense. Bruce Christopher would intercept Milwaukee, and Rob Lee would add a fumble recovery. Chris Nelesen, Wes Hicks, and Rio (2) would add sacks to Muskego's already high sack total. Top this off with a Dominique Johnson punt return for a touchdown, and Muskego would demolish the Hurricane's offense. Once again, the defense proved that they are the BEST in the IFL and are a force to be reckoned with. The Hurricanes would add a garbage-time touchdown, but this was an impressive performance from Muskego, winning 42-6. Next week, the Muskego Hitmen travel back to Hart Park to face the powerhouse of the AFC, the Wauwatosa Spartans, in what may prove to be a preview of the 2012 Iron Bowl.

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    For repeatedly putting opposing players face first into the ground and an interception that almost went for 6 in the wrong direction