Hitmen 48 :: Panthers 12

Hitmen rolls to a 2-0 start

Burlington is next

  • 2-0 combined score 71-12

    The 2010 season started out a little slow. Numbers at the tryouts and combines where down, and the team was unsure of the future of the Hitmen. As the preseason progressed we became stronger and stronger. Key pickups, and a never die attitude has thrown away any questions of our future. We hold our future in our hands. If you ask any of the veterans they'll say this roster has changed quite a bit over the last year. Including the name next to Head Coach:. After 7 seasons one of the common denomonators of the Hitmen has retired. Jason Blawat was an intragul part of the Muskego Hitmen. Under his comand the Hitmen have been the winningest team in the IFL. Now starting a new era with Carter Robbins at the helm the Hitmen are continuing their winning ways. In the first two weeks of the 2010 IFL season The Hitmen have rolled t o a 2-0 record. Racking up 71 points and only allowing 12. Our offence is strong and our defence is powerfull. Many guys have contributed to our success. On offence our O-line has been a worry. Our starters are strong, some of the best lineman in the league, but our starting 5 is all we started with. No backups. And with the loss of one of our all stars, Kevin Busch, it wasn't looking good. But guys have stepped up and our line is kicking ass. The Crusaders didn't have a chance, falling 23-0. The following week the Panthers hissed while we dominated 48-12. The Burlington Blue Devis are next. They may have the home field advantage in week 4, but that doesn't matter. Their field is still 100 yards long with 2 sidelines and 2 endzones. Our offence will find those endzones all day, and our deffence will never allow them to cross their goal line.

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