Hitmen 0 :: Mustangs 20

Hitmen Fall Prey To The Mustangs

A rivalry as old as the IFL itself continues on

  • The mustangs show signs of wear and tear

    When you think of rivalries in the IFL, there is only one:  Madison vs. Muskego. The longest rivalry in the IFL was set to take stage again, as the Hitmen made their annual regular season trip to play the Mustangs in Middleton. The Hitmen came into the game with a perfect 5-0 record, hoping to bring that total to 6. Not only were the Hitmen trying to stay undefeated, this game also had playoff implications. As history tells, the team that wins this game would have home field advantage in the playoffs. 

    While the Hitmen came into this game with confidence, that would soon be shattered as Madison would put the first score on the board. After punting on the first possession, Madison would reach the goal line on a Pass Interference call. They would then punch the ball in with Kyle Brodd from 1 yard out.  Still stymied out of the gate, Muskego would put the ball into Madison’s hands after a quick 2nd series. This unfortunately would become a recurring thought as the night would progress. Before the Hitmen could blink, they found themselves in a 14-0 deficit midway through the first quarter. Muskego is known for its hard-nosed running prowess, but Madison would figure out the Hitmen’s running scheme and limit Jojo Moore for the majority of the night. Becoming one dimensional, the Hitmen were forced to throw the ball. With the Hitmen unable to move the ball, they took their 14-0 deficit into halftime. 

    [`Smash]muth -n noun -a attitude

    Characterize by brute force or with out finesse; Leavin' Chumps in the dirt.

    For 3 quarters, the Hitmen defense was able to keep the Madison offense out of the end zone. Playing smashmouth defense, the Hitmen recorded 5 sacks, coupled with 2 interceptions by James Spinato. They limited the potent Madison Mustangs to less than 270 total yards, an impressive feat for any IFL team. The defense was able to keep the Hitmen in the game. However, the sporadic play on offense and self inflicted wounds would prove too much to come back from. Madison would add an additional score in the 4th quarter to bring the final to 20-0. 13 penalties for 97 yards, 2 turnovers, and a 10 yard starting field position differential (Hitmen: own 33, Madison: own 42) would be the difference maker in another hard fought battle. The Hitmen sit in 2nd place in the NFC with a 5-1 record, clinching the 2nd seed for the playoffs.  Muskego will lick its wounds and travel to Hart Park to play the Milwaukee Hurricanes in their next contest.

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    Hustle Player

    For his selfless acts against the mustangs while playing both ways most of the game. Jay Evans has shown his dedication to the team and his desire to win at any cost time and time again.